Lystigarður's Hidden Trail Revealed

Bryndís Fjóla Pétursdóttir
Bryndís Fjóla Pétursdóttir

Icelandic folklore is full of stories about the Hidden people (Huldufólk in Icelandic) who live in a world parallel to ours and can make themselves visible if they wish.

Seeress and horticulturist Bryndís Fjóla has created a map of the dwellings of hidden people and elves in Akureyri's Botanic Garden, which will be on display in the garden.

Bryndís Fjóla is providing hour long guided walks of the Hidden Trail and anyone with an interest in nature and mystery is encouraged to attend.

More information about guided tours, bookings and printed linen maps are available at or telephone +3548970670.