Góa begins at the Lystigarður

In the old Icelandic calendar, Góa is the second last month of winter. Winter survival techniques vary among plants.

Rye bread and the festival of Þorri

The festival of Þorri has a long history in Iceland and food plays a major part. Here is a little about how plants play a part.

Season's Greetings

Jónshús, Lystigarðurinn

Winter arrives at the Lystigarður

The onset of winter brings about change at the Lystigarður.

Icelandic Nature Day

Saturday the 16th of September is Icelandic Nature Day, why not enjoy it surrounded by nature at the Lystigarður

Rökkurró, opening ceremony of the Akureyri Culture Festival.

Opening ceremony of the Akureryi Culture Festival will be held at the Lystigarður on Friday 25th of August at 8pm with an address from Icelandic president, Guðny Th Jóhannessonar

Iceland's National Day celebrated at Lystigarðurinn

Entertainment on offer at Lystigarðurinn for Iceland's National Day

Lystigarður's Hidden Trail Revealed

Seeress and horticulturist Bryndís Fjóla has created a map of the dwellings of hidden people and elves in Akureyri's Botanic Garden

Sow little space....

Its sowing time at the Lystigarður. Every year our greenhouse fills with the annual flowers that will eventually light up the garden this summer.

Please walk on the plouged paths

Feel welcome to enjoy the fresh air but please remain on the ploughed walkways