Public toilet access

There is now a fee to use the WC at the Lystigarður.

Snow lingers at the Lystigarður

There are more than forty Icelandic words for snow, and locals get enough opportunity to use them all.

Guðrún on the garden

Garden manager Guðrún describes the Lystigarður in a radio interview with RÚV English

Góa begins at the Lystigarður

In the old Icelandic calendar, Góa is the second last month of winter. Winter survival techniques vary among plants.

Rye bread and the festival of Þorri

The festival of Þorri has a long history in Iceland and food plays a major part. Here is a little about how plants play a part.

Season's Greetings

Jónshús, Lystigarðurinn

Winter arrives at the Lystigarður

The onset of winter brings about change at the Lystigarður.

Icelandic Nature Day

Saturday the 16th of September is Icelandic Nature Day, why not enjoy it surrounded by nature at the Lystigarður

Rökkurró, opening ceremony of the Akureyri Culture Festival.

Opening ceremony of the Akureryi Culture Festival will be held at the Lystigarður on Friday 25th of August at 8pm with an address from Icelandic president, Guðny Th Jóhannessonar

80 years of national independence will be celebrated at the Lystigarður

All manner of entertainment on offer at Lystigarðurinn between 2 and 5pm on Iceland's National Day (17th of June) for the 80 year anniversary of Icelandic independence